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We have all noticed how quickly things change these days. Airbnb started in San Francisco in 2008, and has since ballooned to an estimated $100-billion business today with an average of two million bookings each night. Many like the convenience of this service but most are unaware of how many of these properties are actually owned by outside investors or large corporations. We support residents supplementing income by renting out their homes but we also support Boise residents knowing who owns their neighbors home and how to contact them about a disturbance. Without requiring licensing of these commercial properties, contacting the owner about complaints is very difficult to impossible for the average resident.


Neighborhoods are for Neighbors


Neighborhoods are for Neighbors

Help us protect "Zoned Residential" areas. Help us protect traditional long-term rentals. Join us in protecting our Neighborhoods from non-owner occupied (i.e. investor) short-term rentals! Please show your support (your name will not be shared) by using the form below so that our City Council and Mayor will listen.

Do you support Protect Boise Neighborhoods?

Willing to help get the word out? Had a bad experience with a neighborhood short-term rental? Know a good place to post a sign supporting this cause?

Thanks for your support!

For current updates follow us on Twitter: @ProtectBoise

How do short-term rentals impact me?

As experienced in other cities, when regulations are imposed too late, excessive burden is placed on the city to enforce them which usually results in repeat complaints and frustrated neighbors.

The City of Boise currently has no restrictions for short-term rentals thus positioning itself for yet another "too little too late" scenario. Click here for an example.

Reduces long-term housing availability for working residents and families. Click here for an example.

Increases neighborhood crime and nuisances from parties, not respecting quiet times (they are on vacation after all), misbehaving pets, etc.. Click here for an example. 

False Narrative - "If you use short-term rentals then you must allow them in your neighborhood." Shouldn't neighborhoods be able to choose? 

Sanitary issues due to over flowing garbage bins that are not properly taken care of.


Increased traffic at unsafe speeds for our neighborhoods. People typically don't speed through their own neighborhood.

Reduced on-street parking due to more people staying in the residence than allowed.

Economic benefits predominantly going to high income earners (increasingly out of state) who are able to purchase investment homes while impacts go to the residents that live there.

Large providers of short-term rentals have limited responsibility for impacts, therefore they are slow to change policy only after receiving "bad press" which is typically too late to effectively fix the problem. Click here for an example.

Ever wonder what the limit of short-term rentals is on your street?

None. They can be on all sides of your home.

So....when did the "intent" of a Zoned Residential Area become a location for short-term rental business?

Think the house next to you isn't at risk? Think again. Small homes, townhomes, "Executive Homes" coming your way

Hey Boise, are you going to help out our renting community or property investors? 

Call for Action - Boise area realtors, business is great right? Will you help preserve the neighborhood that was sold to us?

Being a good neighbor is not a loss of private property rights, it's how we  preserve community.

How will our community find balance?

Owner Occupied Rentals

We are not against residents supplementing income to remain in their home due to constantly increasing property taxes, bills, food etc.. We are against outside investors buying properties with no regard for the impacts on residents living there.

Ensuring Safety Through Due Diligence

We want common sense due diligence with regards to who is visiting our neighborhood. Do I tell my kids to say "Hi" or to stay away? Do I need to worry about leaving my garage door open? Current safety protocols do not provide residents adequate information to assess this risk. City of Boise currently has no requirements of short-term rentals.

Preserving Why We Love Our Neighborhood

Remember when you moved into your Boise neighborhood? Did it remind you of your time growing up? Did it meet an expectation that you didn't know existed? Read an Airbnb review lately? How long will this "nice, quiet, family friendly neighborhood" stay that way when short-term investor owned rentals are exponentially increasing?

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