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We are a true, grass roots, citizen developed group with the sole intent of preserving the neighborhoods that we love. Full disclosure, we are not positioned for financial gain unlike big business, special interest groups, and investors which will, and have actively opposed any restrictions on short-term rentals across our country.


We are not saying there aren't appropriate places for investor owned short-term rentals (i.e. hotels), just not in our cherished Boise neighborhoods, and not solely for investor gain. While many of us are continually feeling that outside pressure increase for "everything Boise", we are at the tipping point to see what many cities wish they could have stopped. 


We want to gain support from like-minded Boise residents who don't want to see their neighborhoods get taken over by short-term rentals for investor financial gain. With this support we want the City of Boise to: 1) Immediately limit short-term rentals to owner occupied, 2) Require drivers license checks to ensure sexual predators and violent criminals are identified, and 3) Require short term rentals to register with the city.

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