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Have more questions or want to get involved in this citizen led effort to keep neighborhoods actually neighborhoods?

How can you help:

  • Please: Email us saying that you support this cause, which will allow us to gauge resident support of this issue before bringing it to City Council. Your email will not be shared. 

  • Write your Mayor that this issue needs to be addressed NOW.

  • Talk with your neighbors about what you've learned. 

  • Formally submit short-term rental nuisance issues to the Boise Police Department so that this data is tracked.

  • Post our link on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get Boiseans aware!

  • It's time for the silent majority to speak. Please join this cause!

Thanks for your support!

Willing to help get the word out? Had a bad experience with a neighborhood short-term rental? Know a good place to post a sign supporting this cause?

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