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News Links

Trust us, there is a wealth of information out there. Below are just a few and if you want us to post a new one just send us an email (see Get Involved tab) with the link.

Want to know what investor owned short-term rentals really do to a neighborhood?:

Example of how short-term rentals are impacting the housing market in Boise:

Do you really think venture capitalists care about the quality of life for Boise Residents?:


What will Boise look like if/when it has Portland's short-term rental problems?:

Want an example of how short-term rentals are managed?

A small list of crimes and troubles documented:


Want to see what happens when short-term rental investors put greed over customer service? CBC’s Marketplace investigated Airbnb, titled “When Airbnb goes wrong: Cancellations and covert listings”. Watch it on YouTube HERE.

Another example of short-term rentals impacting residents:

Search for "Airbnb negative impacts in ......... city" for yourself.

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